Corporate Clients and Investigations: Criminal Attorneys Offer Crucial Role

Most of our white-collar criminal defense clients never expected to need a criminal defense attorney.  No one envisions having the company they own or work for raided by the government as part of a criminal investigation.  No one expects to receive a subpoena as part of a criminal investigation of their company.  Yet, the reality is that the bigger your company, the more diffuse control you have and the more susceptible the company and its leadership are to suffering consequences on account of the actions of others.  The harsh reality for most company leaders is that it just does not matter how good the individual leader is or the purity of the leader's individual intentions; all of that is for naught if the company employs bad people or, more likely, good people capable of doing bad things.  (See complete article published in  Cincinnati Bar Association's CBA Report (pages 8-9), May 2018.)

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