Sex, Lies, Videotape – Prosecutor and Dooley Relationship Cause for New Trial?

Faruki Ireland Cox Rhinehart & Dusing Partner, Ben Dusing, remains front-and-center in a landmark proceeding in Kentucky state court. Dusing represents lead Detective Bruce McVay in post-conviction proceedings in the case of Commonwealth v. Dooley.  McVay’s relationship with the lead prosecutor, Linda Tally-Smith, has come under fire amid allegations of withholding evidence and unethical conduct on the part of McVay.  The Kentucky Attorney General opens an investigation, which could result in David Dooley being granted a new trial.  The Attorney General admits the Commonwealth put on a clean trial, but calls the information received "disturbing."  In an interview with regard to Linda Tally-Smith and Bruce McVay, Ben Dusing said "the only mistake they made was their affair."  Latest details and interview here.

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