Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L.


FIC’s focus as a business litigation boutique with extensive trial experience gives us a depth of knowledge covering products, services, markets, and legal matters across a wide range of industries. We have resolved challenging and difficult commercial disputes for companies in information technology, manufacturing, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, utilities, financial services, insurance, healthcare, media, and communications, among others.

Many of our cases focus on high stakes issues, including class actions, antitrust, securities, product liability, and intellectual property disputes involving copyright, trademark, trade secrets, and patent infringement. Clients also have benefited from our counsel on rapidly evolving issues in areas such as e-business, health services, biotechnology, and environmental litigation.

Businesses in many industries also rely on FIC when they face litigation involving First Amendment and free speech issues, injunctions, employment and discrimination, contract and warranty disputes, and competition-driven conflicts, including false advertising, misappropriation of trade secrets, and covenants not to compete.

FIC’s experience in these industries and practice areas — based on years of extensive research, legal counseling, litigation and trial work — provides a strategic advantage for our clients, and contributes to the responsiveness and efficiency of our broad capabilities in business litigation.