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"Litigious" Label Not Defamatory

The Vermont Supreme Court recently disposed of a defamation case brought by a man who was upset over being called "litigious." That label is a matter.. Read More

No Standing in Censorship Case

The United States Supreme Court recently dismissed a case that sought to enjoin certain government officials from "censoring" the online speech of.. Read More

Is It a Crime To Commit Journalism?

As a rule, misdemeanor cases are on the less important end of the criminal justice system. Crimes punishable as misdemeanors are not as serious as.. Read More

Manatees Battle It Out in Copyright Dispute

A New York based federal court recently had to resolve a copyright dispute between the animated manatee characters "Jukebox Manatee" and "Loafy.".. Read More

No Liability for TikTok Challenge Videos

A California court recently ruled that TikTok is not liable for property damage occurring at a bathroom in a Florida School District. The California.. Read More

No Section 230 Immunity for Poster Who Comments

A trial court in Minnesota recently denied a motion to dismiss by a defamation defendant who tried to rely on Section 230 of the Communications.. Read More

"Fake Sherlock" Loses Defamation Suit

A criminal profiler named Richard Walter recently saw his false light suit against New York Magazine dismissed. Mr. Walter failed to persuade the.. Read More

Faruki PLL Welcomes Its Summer Clerks for 2024

DAYTON and CINCINNATI, OH —May 23, 2024 – Faruki PLL (Faruki+) is pleased to welcome their new summer clerks, Arabella Loera, and Delaney Cook, who.. Read More

Anti-Riot Statute is Constitutional

Shamar Betts recently failed to overturn a federal anti-riot statute on First Amendment grounds. The United States Court of Appeals ruled that the.. Read More

Pure Irish Butter Not So Pure

I saw an interesting case out of New York that poses and interesting question – is "Pure Irish Butter" pure if it's wrapped in packaging containing.. Read More
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