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Why Businesses Should Consult with a Law Firm About Data Security and Privacy

“The difference between a company’s success or failure depends on its ability to quickly and efficiently collect, use, share and store information.”.. Read More

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Zynga for Data Breach Involving 173 Million Users' Information (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Clayton J. Prickett)

The Complaint: In March 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed against Zynga – a widely popular mobile gaming company – stemming from a data breach.. Read More

Seventh Circuit Invokes Carpenter v. United States to Reject Third-Party Doctrine Argument

A recent Seventh Circuit case will provide privacy enthusiasts optimism for how well our courts evolve traditional legal principles to address the.. Read More

No Data Breach, No Case

An Ohio federal district court recently handed down a ruling that will make companies storing client data breathe a sigh of relief. In .. Read More

New Developments in the Law on Data Breaches

In what it called "one of the latest setbacks for the social-media giant," the Wall Street Journal reported on October 17, 2008, that Facebook.. Read More

Snoops on a Plane: Looking for Privacy in all the Wrong (Public) Places (Authored by Faruki Summer Associate Tammy H. Winkler)

The Dark Side of Social Media Two strangers sitting next to each other on a transcontinental flight strike up a conversation and end up falling in.. Read More

Fourth Amendment Protections in the Digital Age: Carpenter v. United States and What It Means for Individual Privacy Rights (Authored by Faruki Summer Associate John R. Bernans)

In today's digital world, an individual's reasonable expectation of privacy is constantly under the microscope. So much of our lives are conducted.. Read More

New Ohio Data Protection Law Incentivizes Business Community to Institutionalize Cybersecurity

Little more than one month after California enacted the sweeping California Consumer Privacy Act, reinforcing and expanding individual citizen's .. Read More
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