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Upcoming Changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence

On December 1, 2023, amendments to three of the Federal Rules of Evidence – Rules 106, 615, and 702 – will take effect. The amended rules will apply.. Read More

A Recent Ohio Decision Highlights the Need for Prompt Reporting to an Insurer Under a "Claims Made and Reported" Policy

Shower the insurers you have with notice, as James Taylor may or may not have sung in the 1970s. Notify the insurers of a claim sooner rather than.. Read More

No Get Out of Jail Free Card Here – Ohio's Litigation Privilege Applies Only to Civil Defamation Suits

After being convicted of tampering with records in violation of Ohio R.C. 2913.42(A)(1), which prohibits a person from falsifying any writing or.. Read More

FTC's Proposed Ban on Non-Competition Clauses – What Employers Need to Know and What They Should Be Doing Now

As we noted in an August 2022 blog updating the current landscape on non-competition clauses, , "[i]n 2021, [] President [Biden] issued an executive.. Read More

I Take it Back: Ohio's Medical Claims Statute of Repose is Not a True Statute of Repose: The Tolling Statute Applies to It

Two years ago, I wrote a blog regarding Ohio's medical claims statute of repose (R.C. 2305.113(C)) based on the Ohio Supreme Court's decision in .. Read More

PGA TOUR's Response to LIV Golf: Is it Competition or an Antitrust Violation?

As I was driving home on Interstate 70 from Kansas on August 28, I was listening to the radio broadcast of the final day of the PGA Tour.. Read More

Navigating Non-Compete Agreements in Ohio (and elsewhere) – 2022 Update (Co-Authored by Melinda K. Burton)

Protection of a company's competitive advantage is vital. This is particularly true in today's age and labor market environment where Covid-19 has.. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Liability: How to form an LLC in Ohio (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

Thinking about launching a new business, being your own boss? Congratulations! You had an idea for a business, completed research, put some money.. Read More

Kicking a Contract Dispute to Federal Court

A soccer player's agent files a lawsuit for about $10,000 in unpaid agent fees, allegedly owed under a player's contract. Both the player and the.. Read More

Attorneys: Please Don't Steal Your Client's Money. Will You be Permanently Disbarred? In Ohio, Maybe. In New Jersey, Absolutely – For Now.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey made the legal news this month with its opinion In the Matter of Dionne Larrel Wade, an Attorney at Law, N.J. Supreme.. Read More
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