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Netflix Must Continue Defending The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker Claims

The "true crime" genre is a popular staple of the American entertainment diet. True crime documentaries, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and the like are.. Read More

Why Businesses Need a Media and Communications Lawyer

With the dawn of the digital age came a new era of communication. The Internet offers a wide range of platforms, such as websites, blogs, podcasts.. Read More

Running an Advertising Campaign and Promoting a Business Online

In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods and services online. This growth in online sales – which spiked during the pandemic – is expected to.. Read More

Sixth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Claims Against Faruki Client

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a complaint brought by a group of Covington Catholic High School.. Read More

Ohio Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Defamation Claims for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

Earlier this month, Ohio's Second District Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of defamation and invasion of privacy claims for lack of personal.. Read More

Influencer Marketing – Influencers Take Heed

In January 2015, I wrote about the one thing every advertiser must know – disclosure laws. Last January, I wrote about the Federal Trade.. Read More

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Criminal Statute Requiring Disclosure of HIV Status Does Not Violate the First Amendment

In August, the Ohio Supreme Court decided an issue of first impression on the constitutionality of a statute proscribing a person who knows they are.. Read More

The Inverse Hearsay Exception

In a seminal public records exception case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that, where proffered hearsay evidence is inadmissible under.. Read More

New Ruling Limits When Officials Can Block Constituents on Social Media

Public officials often rely on social media to connect with their constituents. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer unparalleled opportunities.. Read More
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