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No Public Official/Figure Status For High School Football Coach

The South Carolina Supreme Court recently decided that a high school football coach was not a public official or a public figure for purposes of a.. Read More

Texas Book Ban Law Unconstitutional

The United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down the Texas READER Act. The Court concluded that the Act.. Read More

"Peaceful" January 6 Protestor Loses Defamation Suit Against Facebook

Genevieve Mahoney, a student at Furman University, who attended the January 6, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol recently lost her defamation.. Read More

Does the First Amendment Protect a College Chancellor/Porn Actor?

I have to admit, I never thought I'd be writing a column with this headline. But the First Amendment pops up in all sorts of unusual places I suppose. Read More

Is A Preliminary Injunction in Noncompete Cases Immediately Appealable in Ohio State Courts? The Answer May Be No.

A recent decision by Ohio's First District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati gives some additional teeth to employee noncompete clauses, concluding that.. Read More

Amusement Park Police Are Public Actors

Cedar Point Amusement Park is likely not amused by a recent Ohio Supreme Court case finding that the park's police force is subject to the Ohio.. Read More

Faruki PLL Attorneys Recognized for 2024 Ohio Super Lawyers

DAYTON, OH— December 29, 2023 — Several Faruki PLL attorneys have been recognized for their notable talents in law in the 2024 edition of Ohio Super.. Read More

Appeals Court Finds President Trump Waives Immunity Defense

A three-judge panel of the United States Court for the Second Circuit recently ruled that former President Donald Trump may not invoke presidential.. Read More

Tide Rolls Against the New York Times

A University of Alabama basketball player may proceed with part of his lawsuit against the New York Times. An Alabama based federal court found that.. Read More

Opinion Defense Protects Cancellation of University Professor

A federal court in Pennsylvania recently dismissed an ex-university professor's claim for false light publicity. It ruled that the publication was.. Read More