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Trade Dress – IP Right Outside of Words, Logos, and Symbols (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Damini Mohan)

Trade dress is a type of trademark right that protects the overall appearance or feel of a product, in contrast to a traditional word or logo.. Read More

Erin Rhinehart Selected to Appear in 11th Edition of Benchmark Top 250 Women in Litigation

Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio — Benchmark Litigation has selected Erin Rhinehart, Co-Managing Partner of Faruki PLL to appear in the 11th edition of .. Read More

Raise a Glass to the Design Patent: A Comparison of Patent and Trademark Protections for Products Both Functional and Ornamental (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Meghan L. Savercool)

In 2007, after months of research and prototype-testing, Boston Beer chairman Jim Koch unveiled what he dubbed the "perfect pint glass."  It has a.. Read More

What's the Frequency, Performance Rights? Businesses Can Run Afoul of Copyright Law by Just Playing Music

Music is ubiquitous in most people's daily lives. Everywhere from coffee shops to gyms to retail shops play music non-stop. However, even if everyone.. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Liability: How to form an LLC in Ohio (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

Thinking about launching a new business, being your own boss? Congratulations! You had an idea for a business, completed research, put some money.. Read More

Truth in Advertising: Compliance with the Lanham Act and Business Disparagement Laws (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

"The most powerful element in advertising is truth." - Bill Bernbach.  Businesses use advertising to, essentially, make sure people know about.. Read More

Kicking a Contract Dispute to Federal Court

A soccer player's agent files a lawsuit for about $10,000 in unpaid agent fees, allegedly owed under a player's contract.  Both the player and the.. Read More

Trademarks: Dumb Starbucks and the Parody Exception to Trademark Dilution

In 2014, Starbucks briefly appeared to have gained a new competitor in Los Angeles: Dumb Starbucks. Dumb Starbucks looked exactly like a normal.. Read More

"Likelihood of Consumer Confusion" – The Heart of Trademark Infringement Lawsuit (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Damini Mohan)

We encounter numerous trademarks each day.  The breakfast cereal we consume, the shampoo or perfume we use, the soda we drink on a hot summer day,.. Read More

One That Got Away: How a California Court Determined That a Bee is a Fish

The decision in Almond Alliance of California v. Fish and Game Commission, (2022) 79 Cal.App.5th 337, which held that, for purposes of California's.. Read More