Understanding the rudiments and intricacies of intellectual property issues is critical in this day and age.  This "I.P. Primer" helps to provide clarity when considering these issues.

Introduced this past summer (2022), the IP Primer (Intellectual Property Blog Series) provides valuable information and insights into some of the common issues that arise when dealing with highly complex copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret laws, in order to help businesses understand the ways and means to protect and promote their unique and valuable intellectual assets, and to avoid conflict with other businesses under these laws. 

Among the topics covered, the Firm’s blog series explores a wide range of issues presented by the Patent Act of 1952, including who can apply for and obtain a patent, the different kinds of patents available such as utility or design patents, and what a company should do when there is possible infringement of its patents— including litigating patent infringement cases, the special Markman hearing required in patent cases, and what damages are available.  The Firm's IP Primer also focuses on the exclusive distribution rights afforded original works under the Copyright Act of 1976.

Information on trademark protection, including registering trademarks with the USPTO and current guidance on navigating trademark infringement or trademark dilution claims, is also addressed.  An understanding of the contours of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, a version of which has been adopted by 48 states including Ohio, as applied to a company's trade secrets and how a company can protect those trade secrets, rounds out the series. 

More blogs are to come, which will continue to focus on the intellectual property issues that frequently arise for all businesses, big or small, local or national.  Links to the blogs in the IP Blog Series can be found below.