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Supreme Court Closes Venue Bridge for Patent Trolls

Last term, the United States Supreme Court drastically limited the field of locations where patent infringement suits can be filed. In TC Heartland.. Read More

Managing Breach: What I Think Many Companies Have Yet to Get

I recently spoke on a cybersecurity panel and fielded the same questions people usually want to know from lawyers when it comes to data breaches... Read More

May 2017 Website Newsletter

On April 3, 2017, Jeff Ireland argued an appeal to the Twelfth District Court of Appeals in Middletown, Ohio, urging reversal of a $43 million jury.. Read More

"Catfishing" -- Will the Real [Name] Please Stand Up.

Social media makes it incredibly easy to impersonate virtually anyone.  As a result, online scams (often referred to as "catfishing") involving.. Read More

Wanna Cry? I Do.

This could have been a lot less devastating. The news broke on Friday, May 12, that a crypto-locking virus was spreading around the globe infecting.. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Cyberbullies and Hackers

Today, our computers and mobile devices present numerous avenues for dangerous activity. Hackers often try to cause financial and reputational harm.. Read More

Supreme Court to Tackle Important Patent Venue Question in Early 2017

This commentary on the Supreme Court's plan to consider patent venue issues in the 2017 Term previously ran as an FICLAW blog in December 2016, and.. Read More