Distribution of Ohio Opioid Settlement Funds Must Be Done Transparently

JOOTB_FinalHere’s a piece from the Columbus Dispatch about a lawsuit in which I represented an entity called Harm Reduction Ohio in its successful effort to have the OneOhio recovery Foundation deemed a public entity.  The issue is an important ruling supporting the public’s right to know.

The OneOhio Recovery Foundation was the product of an agreement among the Governor, the Attorney General and various local governments.  The Foundation is charged with distributing billions of dollars recovered in the opioid litigation.  Despite its creation by the government, and its leading role in distributing government funds, the Foundation contended it was a private entity, with no obligation to follow the Ohio Open Meetings Act.  Harm Reduction challenged that position and successfully convinced a Franklin County Common Pleas court to reject the Foundation’s argument.  Here’s a copy of the court’s opinion. 

Nice to see the court support transparency, especially in light of the importance of getting the distribution of these funds into the right hands.    

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