JULY 2015 Faruki Website Newsletter

*   Jeff Ireland has been selected to receive a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his long-term commitment and leadership in ensuring access to justice for the disadvantaged of the Miami Valley.

*   Ron Raether returned to the ACI Conference on Privacy and Security in Chicago.

*   Ron Raether participated in a webinar hosted by the National Consumer Reporting Association.

*   The Cincinnati Bar Association sponsored a June 4, 2015 seminar taught by Brian Wright on best practices for the use of predictive coding. 

*   Brian Wright was a presenter at a one-day seminar in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 24, 2015, that was sponsored by the National Business Institute.

*   Scot Ganow spoke on numerous occasions at the 25th Anniversary of the University of Dayton's School Law Program in Law and Technology.

*   FIC associate, Jade Smarda, was invited to publish in the California Bar Association's intellectual property journal, New Matter. 

*   Jade Smarda was accepted into the Ohio Women's Bar Foundation's Leadership Institute. 

*   On June 19, 2015, at the DBA’s Annual Meeting, Chris Hollon and Jim Smerbeck were formally introduced as part of the DBA’s Leadership Development Program.

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