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Social Media Survives SCOTUS Scrutiny

In 2017, Abdulkadir Masharipov carried out a terrorist attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and.. Read More

Bob Huggins and the First Amendment

I need to start this blog post with some caveats. First, I have been a Xavier basketball fan since 1985. Second, I detest Bob Huggins' coaching.. Read More

Erin Rhinehart Again Named One of Dayton Business Journal’s Power 50

DAYTON and CINCINNATI, OH — [May 8, 2023] – Faruki PLL(Faruki+) Co-Managing Partner Erin Rhinehart has once again been named as one of the Dayton.. Read More

Gag Orders Make Me Want to Gag

Here's a piece on efforts by a coalition of media outlets to overturn a gag order in the proceedings surrounding the murder of four University of.. Read More

The Implications of the Fox News Settlement

I was on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition this week to discuss the implications of the Fox News settlement with Dominion. It was a great discussion thanks.. Read More

Are Sports Related Defamation Suits On The Upswing?

According to this article from Front Office Sports, there is an increasing amount of defamation litigation being filed by professional athletes. The.. Read More

Camera Shy Insurrectionist Loses Bid to Conceal Footage

Anthony Puma, a participant in the events of January 6, recently failed in his efforts to shield the public from access to GoPro footage he recorded.. Read More

What's the Deal With Afroman?

I've had several people ask me if I planned to post a blog about the Afroman case. It seems to be getting a fair amount of attention. But for those.. Read More

New Law Makes Ohio Less Transparent

Here’s an interesting article about a new Ohio law that takes effect April 4. The new law, SB 288, makes a significant change to the Ohio law.. Read More

Email User Protected by Section 230

Here’s a case decided by a federal court in Pennsylvania that is more significant than it appears on first blush. The facts are relatively simple... Read More