BYOD: Security Issues to Consider When Inviting Employees to "Bring Your Own Device"

Employees often demand to use their own electronic devices to interact with the companies' systems. Given the 24-hour demands of our ever-connected society and the ubiquitous nature of such devices, allowing employees to use such devices can be attractive -- even tempting -- for the employer.  Such employer permission and employee permitted use, however, brings significant and often difficult security issues that must be considered to mitigate security risks.

In a featured article in the April 2012 issue of of the journal from Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC Docket), Ronald I. Raether (FI&C Attorney) and Henry Horbaczewski (Reed Elsevier Inc.'s General Counsel) identify the unique security issues and provide concrete and practical advice to help mitigate the security risks.  BYOD: Know the Privacy and Security Issues Before Inviting Employee-Owned Devices to the Party

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Brian Wright | Faruki Co-Managing Partner