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Faruki's Zach Heck Discusses Online Shopping Safety For Cyber Monday (and Every Other Day Too)

"Cyber Monday is considered the biggest online shopping day of the year, with consumers spending literally billions of dollars through online.. Read More

Celebrate Cybersecurity Month with a Data Governance Refresher

October is Cybersecurity Month, and a perfect time to refresh ourselves on the importance of good cybersecurity hygiene. For the rest of October, my.. Read More

Did Equifax Executives Commit Securities Fraud in the Wake of the Company's Historic Data Breach?

Two corporate executives at Equifax sold over 10,000 of their shares in the corporation just three days after Equifax discovered hackers accessed.. Read More

Massachusetts Court Case Setting Precedent?

On Friday, June 16, 2017, a Massachsetts court convicted 20-year-old Michelle Carter of involuntary manslaughter after her boyfriend committed.. Read More

Managing Breach: What I Think Many Companies Have Yet to Get

I recently spoke on a cybersecurity panel and fielded the same questions people usually want to know from lawyers when it comes to data breaches... Read More

Wanna Cry? I Do.

This could have been a lot less devastating. The news broke on Friday, May 12, that a crypto-locking virus was spreading around the globe infecting.. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Cyberbullies and Hackers

Today, our computers and mobile devices present numerous avenues for dangerous activity. Hackers often try to cause financial and reputational harm.. Read More

Nomo Dial My Moto, Mr. Roboto. TCPA Privacy Law Basics Part II: Revenge of the Robocallers

In February, as part of our Privacy Law Basics blog series, I wrote on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the federal law that is intended to.. Read More

The Humanity in Privacy

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak at TEDx Dayton last October. The event was held at the historic Victoria Theater in.. Read More

"It's About Trust, Stupid": Why Countries (& Companies) Need to Grasp the Value Proposition of Privacy

"It's the economy, stupid" has long been part of the American lexicon as a euphemism for boiling a broad, complicated topic down to a foundational.. Read More
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