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Do Android Plaintiffs Dream of Electric Standing?

The issue of "standing" is a challenge in privacy litigation.  To establish Article III standing, a requirement for federal litigation, a plaintiff.. Read More

There Oughta Be A Law….

I've been at this privacy thing for a while now. While many things have changed, such as technology, what hasn't changed is the general lack of.. Read More

Uber Hires a Privacy Mechanic: A Lesson in Both Physical Fitness and Privacy by Design

Uber may be a smooth ride for those looking to get downtown in a hurry, but its privacy policies are in desperate need of a mechanic. In March, I.. Read More

Cyber Crisis: Finding the Opportunity following China's Hack of the U.S. Government

The Chinese word for “crisis” is comprised of two characters. One represents “danger,” and the other represents “opportunity.” On Thursday, June 4,.. Read More

What Price, On-Line Privacy?

Last week, indeed Friday the 13th, President Obama convened a "Cyber Summit" of business, technology and government leaders to address mounting.. Read More

Really? This Is Still a Thing?

I've been working in privacy for about 12 years now, and it truly is a profession where nothing can really surprise you. You would think in 2015, in.. Read More

Is That a Threat?

In December 2014, movie theaters found themselves in a predicament. Following an anonymous hacker's threat to release confidential data stolen from.. Read More

A Few Things We Can Learn from Sony

Eating up the data breach airways for the past month has been the hacking of Sony Pictures. As with any breach in the news, the Internet is full of.. Read More