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$100 bill with a mask over Ben FranklinAs business and institutions struggle to recover from the economic ravages dealt by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and look for ways to build towards ongoing resilience against such challenges, Faruki+ is poised to assist those efforts.

Faruki PLL is participating with O'Keeffe Communications, Inc.; RiskVersity; and Brixey & Meyer, in the newly-launched "Resurgent Collaborative", a multi-disciplinary effort to assist organizations "in recalibrating their business models and workforces following significant business crises, and in planning for further health- or event-based business disruption."  With business leaders deeply skilled and experienced across a range of professional services, Resurgent Collaborative stands ready to assist the myriad of strategic challenges that have arisen for organizations across the economic spectrum as a result of the continuing pandemic.

Resurgent Collaborative's thought leaders' expertise ranges from "crisis management, media relations, risk management, cyber security, IT audit and compliance, incident planning and response, business continuity planning and communication, operations reopening, finance, human resources, quality assurance and legal."  Offering the team's services under three silos:  Brand Stewardship & Protection; Business Risks; and Business Recovery & Return to Work Strategies, the Collaborative has the skills, insight and judgment to help meet the threats faced by organizations seeking a way forward at a difficult time.

Resurgent Collaborative is designed to allow organizations the flexibility to get the specific support they need, and to do so in a common sense framework.  As part of the process, for organizations with legal support needs, Resurgent Collaborative invites its clients to contact Faruki PLL.*

*Faruki PLL's services are under separate engagement and fee arrangements.  Retention of Resurgent Collaborative does not create an attorney/client relationship with Faruki PLL nor should this information be construed as providing legal advice or an opinion on any specific situation.

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