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Combatting the Risks of Departing Employees Part 12:  Best Practices For Severance Agreements With Departing Employees

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Combatting the Risks of Departing Employees Part Nine: What to Expect When a Former Employee Files a Claim of Workplace Discrimination

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Combatting the Risks of Departing Employees Part One:  Ohio's Employment-at-Will Doctrine and its Exceptions

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Running an Advertising Campaign and Promoting a Business Online

In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods and services online. This growth in online sales – which spiked during the pandemic – is expected to.. Read More

UPDATE:  The Supreme Court of Ohio to Weigh in on COVID-19 Business Insurance Litigation

In a recent blog post, I discussed how Ohio's federal courts reached opposite conclusions on whether COVID-19 can cause a direct, physical loss under.. Read More

Conflicting Ohio Decisions in COVID-19 Business Insurance

During the early stages of the pandemic, shelter-in-place orders wreaked havoc on the food and beverage industry because people could no longer "dine.. Read More