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Erin Rhinehart Selected to Appear in 11th Edition of Benchmark Top 250 Women in Litigation

Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio — Benchmark Litigation has selected Erin Rhinehart, Co-Managing Partner of Faruki PLL to appear in the 11th edition of .. Read More

Raise a Glass to the Design Patent: A Comparison of Patent and Trademark Protections for Products Both Functional and Ornamental (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Meghan L. Savercool)

In 2007, after months of research and prototype-testing, Boston Beer chairman Jim Koch unveiled what he dubbed the "perfect pint glass."  It has a.. Read More

Protecting Yourself from Liability: How to form an LLC in Ohio (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

Thinking about launching a new business, being your own boss? Congratulations! You had an idea for a business, completed research, put some money.. Read More

Truth in Advertising: Compliance with the Lanham Act and Business Disparagement Laws (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

"The most powerful element in advertising is truth." - Bill Bernbach.  Businesses use advertising to, essentially, make sure people know about.. Read More

"Likelihood of Consumer Confusion" – The Heart of Trademark Infringement Lawsuit (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Damini Mohan)

We encounter numerous trademarks each day.  The breakfast cereal we consume, the shampoo or perfume we use, the soda we drink on a hot summer day,.. Read More

Trademarks: Creation and Cessation (Authored by Faruki Law Clerk Terrel P. Benne)

A trademark is not just a protected symbol or slogan, rather trademarks serve as a company’s identity. But how are trademarks created?  The short.. Read More

Faruki PLL and Co-Managing Partner Erin Rhinehart Selected as 2022 Premier Health Care Lawyers

DAYTON, Ohio — Faruki PLL and Co-Managing partner Erin Rhinehart were selected as Premier Health Care Lawyers (PHCL), for a third consecutive year. .. Read More

Faruki PLL Welcomes Its Summer Clerks for 2022

DAYTON and CINCINNATI, OH — June 7, 2022 – Faruki PLL (Faruki+) is pleased to welcome their new summer clerks, Meghan Savercool, Damini Mohan, and.. Read More

Faruki PLL Welcomes Its New Executive Director, Joan Germann

DAYTON and CINCINNATI, OH — May 26, 2022 – Faruki PLL is pleased to welcome its new Executive Director, Joan Germann. "I believe that I have found a.. Read More

Finley Newman-James Joins Faruki PLL

DAYTON, OH — [February 16, 2022] – Faruki PLL (Faruki+) is pleased to welcome Finley Newman-James to the firm, practicing in our Dayton office. .. Read More