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Opinion Defense Protects Cancellation of University Professor

A federal court in Pennsylvania recently dismissed an ex-university professor's claim for false light publicity. It ruled that the publication was.. Read More

Artificial Intelligence on Trial

A Colorado lawyer is the latest attorney to get burned for using Artificial Intelligence to draft papers for him. His case and others like it have.. Read More

Bambi's Revenge – Wisconsin Ban on Filming Hunting Unconstitutional

In 2016, the state of Wisconsin amended its "hunter harassment law" to make it a crime to interfere intentionally with a hunter by "maintaining a.. Read More

Will Cameras Record the Trump Criminal Trial?

As the criminal trial of Donald Trump in federal court in Washington, D.C. gets closer, the question remains whether Judge Tanya Chutkin will allow.. Read More

Lawyer Movie Draft

I recently listened to "The Big Picture" podcast which featured a "lawyer movie draft." The premise of the podcast was that five people would "draft".. Read More

Academic Freedom on Trial in Forest Hills School District

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio recently denied a motion to dismiss in a case brought against the Forest Hills.. Read More

Afroman Can't Have His Cake and Eat It Too

The infamous Joseph Edgar Foreman, also known as "Afroman" recently failed in his effort to have the court dismiss a lawsuit that several members of.. Read More

No Qualified Immunity for Arrest of Journalist

A Des Moines, Iowa police officer who arrested a photo-journalist covering protests following the death of George Floyd recently lost his bid to have.. Read More

Shield Law Victory in Las Vegas

Not all wins in Las Vegas happen at casinos. The media recently won a victory there vindicating a newspaper's privilege to protect its editorial.. Read More

Texas Ban On Drag Shows Unconstitutional

A federal court sitting in Texas recently struck down as unconstitutional a law banning "drag shows." Angela King and Josh Williams, two Ohio.. Read More