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"Red Headed Bitch" Not Fighting Words

An Ohio Appellate Court recently issued a decision that is good news for the First Amendment, and apparently bad news for red heads. The Court.. Read More

Disney Shareholder Suit Over Florida Law Fails

A Walt Disney Company shareholder's suit to obtain corporate records failed recently when a Delaware Court concluded that the shareholder was.. Read More

No First Amendment Protection for Private Employee

An Ohio appellate court recently held that a private company that fired an employee for allegedly posting a racist meme was not liable for a public.. Read More

Good Intentions, But What About the Constitution?

Ohio Lt. Governor John Husted is spearheading an attempt to enact legislation that would keep Ohioans 16 and younger off certain social media.. Read More

Lawyers Who Use AI May Not be All That Intelligent

I saw a New York Times article last week about a lawyer for a plaintiff in a personal injury suit against an airline who used CHATGPT to draft a.. Read More

First Amendment, Social Media and Bullying

School districts around the country continue to struggle with how to balance the First Amendment rights of students with efforts to stop online.. Read More

Social Media Survives SCOTUS Scrutiny

In 2017, Abdulkadir Masharipov carried out a terrorist attack on the Reina nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and.. Read More

Bob Huggins and the First Amendment

I need to start this blog post with some caveats. First, I have been a Xavier basketball fan since 1985. Second, I detest Bob Huggins' coaching.. Read More

Gag Orders Make Me Want to Gag

Here's a piece on efforts by a coalition of media outlets to overturn a gag order in the proceedings surrounding the murder of four University of.. Read More

The Implications of the Fox News Settlement

I was on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition this week to discuss the implications of the Fox News settlement with Dominion. It was a great discussion thanks.. Read More