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Essential Elements of A Libel Claim are Indeed Essential

The Faruki firm recently helped several clients prevail on an appeal of an earlier grant of summary judgment in a defamation case involving Google.. Read More

Sixth Circuit Strikes Down COVID Coercion Claim

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit recently upheld a trial court's decision dismissing a claim by three Twitter users who.. Read More

Amazon Wins On Fine Print

Amazon recently prevailed on a motion to dismiss a potential class action arising from an introductory offer for Audible. The lesson of the case is.. Read More

Ill Advised Joke Leads To 1983 Liability

Police in the Rapides Parish of Louisiana recently suffered a setback in the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals when that court reversed a.. Read More

AI Generated Art Gets No Copyright Protection

Stephen Thaler owns a computer system called the "Creativity Machine." Mr. Thaler used the machine to generate a work of art entitled "A Recent.. Read More

No Group Libel for Chicago Poles

Several members of Chicago's Polish population recently failed to hold a Chicago Sun-Times columnist responsible for libel based on a column.. Read More

Convicted January 6 Rioter Loses Defamation Claim

Brandon Straka, a Nebraska man who was criminally convicted for his role in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol recently lost a defamation case.. Read More

No Anonymity for Accused Predator

A college student accused of sexual assault can't proceed anonymously in his defamation suit against his accuser. That's the recent ruling from a.. Read More

"All Lives Matter" Not a Religious Tweet

A California Sports Talk show host who was fired after posting a controversial tweet failed to convince a court that he was a victim of religious.. Read More

How to Enjoin Libel

An Ohio appellate court recently demonstrated how a court may enjoin a party from libeling someone, without violating the Constitution. It's a fine.. Read More