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The Role of Markman Hearings in Patent Litigation (Co-Authored by Former Faruki Law Clerk Meghan L. Savercool)

When a party files a complaint alleging its patent has been infringed, it must make a "short and plain" statement claiming either direct.. Read More

What's the Frequency, Performance Rights? Businesses Can Run Afoul of Copyright Law by Just Playing Music

Music is ubiquitous in most people's daily lives. Everywhere from coffee shops to gyms to retail shops play music non-stop. However, even if everyone.. Read More

Combatting the Risks of Departing Employees Part Three:  Summary of Legal Issues for Involuntary Termination of Employment in Ohio: Retaliation

Continuing the Faruki PLL blog series relating to combatting the risks of departing employees, this post addresses a potential issue for employers.. Read More

Oh, the Lawsuits You'll Boldly File! The Ninth Circuit Says Fair Use Still an Affirmative Defense

The Ninth Circuit recently examined a mashup that infuses themes and characters from the popular television series Star Trek into Dr. Seuss works,.. Read More

As Ohio Unemployment Claims Continue, State Asks Employers to Report Employees that Do Not Return to Work

The coronavirus pandemic and Ohio's resulting shelter-in-place order has caused unprecedented filings of unemployment by Ohio citizens. The impact on.. Read More

What is a Government Employer Anyway? The Ninth Circuit Splits with Decades of Precedent and Holds that the ADEA's 20-Employee Requirement Does Not Apply to Public Employers

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits employers from discriminating against employees because of their age. But applying the.. Read More

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Criminal Statute Requiring Disclosure of HIV Status Does Not Violate the First Amendment

In August, the Ohio Supreme Court decided an issue of first impression on the constitutionality of a statute proscribing a person who knows they are.. Read More