Recent Commentary on Cybersecurity by Ron Raether and Scot Ganow

cybersecurityOn September 2, FIC partner Ron Raether spoke at the Cyber Security Forum hosted by the Cincinnati Business Courier.  Ron and fellowFarukiattorney Scot Ganow regularly speak and write on the latest issues affecting cybersecurity, including breach response, data privacy, and data governance.  Check out some of their latest commentary at the following links:

1.  Breach Response
Breach Response:  What's Missing?
Commentary on Ashley Madison Hack (Raether)
Commentary on Ashley Madison Hack (Ganow)
Commentary on Ashley Madison Hack (Heck)

2.  Big Data/Privacy Ethics/Wrongful Data Collection Liability
LexisNexis Big Data Webinar

3.  Cloud Risk
Part 1:  The Basics of the Cloud/The Cloud’s Role in Supporting Universal Access
Part 2:   Implementing Layered Security in the Cloud
Part 3:  Digging Deeper Into layered Security
Part 4:  Why Administrative Safeguards Remain Important

4.  Public Relations/Crisis Communications

5.  Sector Specific Material
HIPAA:  Deidentification of Personal Information
Treating Health InfoSec as "Essential"


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