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Supreme Court of Ohio Holds that E-Meetings are Subject to the Open Meetings Act

On May 3, 2016, the Supreme Court of Ohio vastly expanded the definition of a "meeting" under Ohio's Open Meetings Act to include all prearranged.. Read More

Splitting the Dancing Baby: Both Sides are Crying Over the Ninth Circuit's Lenz v. Universal Music Corp. Holding

In a not-so-shocking development, both sides in a closely watched copyright suit known as the "Dancing Baby" case are urging the United States Court.. Read More

Is The Most Competitive League in Sports Harming Competition in the Pro-Football Marketplace?

According to a proposed class of similarly situated sports bars and consumers, the answer is yes. On Friday, October 16, a new lawsuit was filed in a.. Read More

Keep on Dancing: Ninth Circuit Suggests Fair Use is Free Speech Right

The Ninth Circuit recently resolved the question of whether fair use is a free speech right or an affirmative defense in Lenz v. Universal Music.. Read More