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You Guessed It, More Data Breaches!

Data security has been a hot topic these last twelve months, with the Office of Personnel Management, Neiman Marcus, and Ashley Madison all making.. Read More

Amateurism is Dead, Long Live Amateurism?: Splitting the O'Bannon Baby

As its college football season is in full swing, National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") finds itself as both the winner and loser on the.. Read More

College Athletes as Employees? Not so Fast, My Friend!

On August 17, 2015, one of the major sports law cases over the last two years came to a surprising close. The National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB".. Read More

Supreme Court Indicates Potential Significant Changes to Consumer Law

The Supreme Court’s October 2014 term has been highlighted by decisions such as Bank of America v. Toledo-Cardona and Baker Botts v. ASARCO, which.. Read More

When Can Volunteers be Considered Employees? Sixth Circuit Clarifies

After the Sixth Circuit held that a Plaintiff need not make a threshold showing that they were compensated to make a prima facie showing that he is.. Read More

Antitrust Ruling Brings Big Changes to College Athletics

Can the National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") continue to prohibit member schools from offering direct compensation to student-athletes?.. Read More

Current and Former Athletes Settle with EA, Lawsuit with NCAA Remains

On the heels of the National Labor Relations Board ruling that Northwestern University football players are university employees with the right to.. Read More

Issues of Nexus in Light of Recent Supreme Court Certiorari Denials

The rise of Internet commerce has brought with it inconsistent laws and court decisions across states as to whether retailers that have no physical.. Read More