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April 2015 Faruki Website Newsletter

*   Ron Raether, Don Burton, and Chris Herman successfully brought an end to a plaintiff’s pursuit of class status in a case filed in the Central.. Read More

Optimism and Concern for the Future of Journo-Drones

Over the past few years, journalists increasingly have become interested in operating unmanned aerial systems – better known as drones – to report.. Read More


One district court in New York doesn't think so, and, in light of a recent settlement agreement, the Second Circuit will not be afforded the.. Read More

Super Bowl Ticket Fraud?

Every football fan dreams of watching his or her favorite team play in the Super Bowl. Attending that Super Bowl is an even bigger dream. As a.. Read More

Reviewing the Rules of the Road following Uber's 2015 Data Breach Response

When I was sixteen, the rule was that I could not drive a car until I knew how to change a tire. My dad always reminded me that it is dangerous just.. Read More

The Tornado that Ripped Through Sunshine Week

Last month, my colleague posted about a pair of bipartisan bills that were introduced to provide greater access to federal agency records under the.. Read More