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When Can Volunteers be Considered Employees? Sixth Circuit Clarifies

After the Sixth Circuit held that a Plaintiff need not make a threshold showing that they were compensated to make a prima facie showing that he is.. Read More

November 2014 Faruki Website Newsletter

*  Federal Court grants summary judgment on grounds an economically integrated hospital system is a single entity for antitrust analysis. *  The 2015.. Read More

October 2014 Faruki Website Newsletter

*  Charlie Faruki, Laura Sanom, Jade Smarda and Michael Mayer successfully defend a corporate client accused of destroying evidence relevant to an.. Read More

Disney, DreamWorks and Other Hollywood Studios Named in Two Additional Antitrust Class Actions

Following a very successful year in the wake of Frozen and other blockbuster hits, multiple Hollywood Studios have been named in several antitrust.. Read More