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FIC Discusses Cutting Edge Legal Issues at FBA National Convention

Earlier this month, Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L. attorneys attended the Federal Bar Association National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. During the.. Read More

What is the 1 Thing Every Online Marketer Should Know?

Sure, every advertiser knows to tell the truth. But, like so many things, when it comes to social media people seem to forget the basics. As the.. Read More

Jeepers Peepers! Peeple, the Yelp for People App Redefines Privacy

People may choose to avoid social media for any number of reasons. Refusing to engage with social media does not make you a luddite or old-fashioned... Read More

Michigan State Ordered to Disclose Suspect's Information Redacted from University Police Incident Reports

Earlier this month, a Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court's order that Michigan State disclose the names of suspects redacted from.. Read More

Is Footage of City Council Meetings Protected by Copyright Laws?

Not according to one federal judge in California. In City of Inglewood v. Joseph Teixeira, et. al., No. 2:15-cv-01815 (C.D. Ca. Aug. 20, 2015),.. Read More

Doe v. Gangland: Why Breaking a Confidentiality Agreement with a Former Gang-Member is a Bad Idea

For those of you into true-crime documentaries, have you ever wondered how producers get criminals and accused criminals to talk on the record? In.. Read More

Sweet Tweets: Legislation Expands Social Media Privacy Protections

Let’s face it: social networking has us “all atwitter.” At any given moment, whether we’re on the subway or in our cubicle, we can like, post, poke,.. Read More

Kroc Center Hosts Dayton's Spring Edition of the Bench/Bar Media Law Forum

Yesterday, FIC partner Jeff Cox and U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael J. Newman moderated the spring edition of Dayton's Bench/Bar Media Law Forum. For.. Read More
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