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Jeepers Peepers! Peeple, the Yelp for People App Redefines Privacy

People may choose to avoid social media for any number of reasons. Refusing to engage with social media does not make you a luddite or old-fashioned... Read More

Neiman Marcus Offers Clearance Sale: Suffer One Data Breach and Get Ground-Breaking Caselaw for FREE!

Neiman Marcus has made history as the standard for luxury retail.  But it is also making history as a watershed case in data breach class action.. Read More

An Affair to Remember: AshleyMadison.com Hack Exposes Privacy Lessons

Millions of men and women around the world woke up this morning in a panic.  Last night, tech websites reported that on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, a.. Read More

Do Android Plaintiffs Dream of Electric Standing?

The issue of "standing" is a challenge in privacy litigation.  To establish Article III standing, a requirement for federal litigation, a plaintiff.. Read More

California Dreamin': Golden State Considers New Privacy Legislation

California has everything: big cities, small towns, tall mountains, dry deserts, farms, factories, miners, fishermen, surfers, hipsters, yuppies,.. Read More

Sweet Tweets: Legislation Expands Social Media Privacy Protections

Let’s face it: social networking has us “all atwitter.”  At any given moment, whether we’re on the subway or in our cubicle, we can like, post, poke,.. Read More

Uber Hires a Privacy Mechanic: A Lesson in Both Physical Fitness and Privacy by Design

Uber may be a smooth ride for those looking to get downtown in a hurry, but its privacy policies are in desperate need of a mechanic. In March, I.. Read More

Cyber Crisis: Finding the Opportunity following China's Hack of the U.S. Government

The Chinese word for “crisis” is comprised of two characters. One represents “danger,” and the other represents “opportunity.” On Thursday, June 4,.. Read More

What's in your Wallet? Google Wallet Class Action Suit Flags Alert for Digital Payment Services

A few years ago, a wallet was pretty simple. You kept it in your back pocket or your purse, and it contained a driver's license, a few credit cards,.. Read More