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Trademark Infringement: High Fashion v. Google

Remember the pre-internet, pre-Google days of counterfeit products? When street vendors peddled Caca-Cola sunglasses (only one vowel away from the.. Read More

Supreme Court Closes Venue Bridge for Patent Trolls

Last term, the United States Supreme Court drastically limited the field of locations where patent infringement suits can be filed. In TC Heartland.. Read More

Supreme Court to Tackle Important Patent Venue Question in Early 2017

This commentary on the Supreme Court's plan to consider patent venue issues in the 2017 Term previously ran as an FICLAW blog in December 2016, and.. Read More

Will the Real Stephen Colbert Please Stand Up?

For nearly two decades, Stephen Colbert entertained and educated many of us as his ultra-conservative and faux-newscaster alter-ego, “Stephen.. Read More

Supreme Court to Tackle Important Patent Venue Question in Early 2017

For IP litigators, a question often arises about the proper venue for a patent dispute. Often that inquiry comes from a client calling to say, "why.. Read More

Chief Wahoo In The Spotlight

Since the time of my June 8, 2016 posting ("Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo In Limbo"), there have been significant developments affecting the.. Read More

Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo In Limbo

While the media has focused for years on claims that sports logos depicting Native Americans are disparaging, the issue is now front and center in.. Read More

Nominative Fair Use in the Second Circuit – A New Approach?

"Nominative Fair Use": what is this doctrine and how are the courts recognizing and applying it to claims of trademark infringement under the Lanham.. Read More