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The Trouble with Treble: The Supreme Court May Change the Standard for Awarding Treble Damages for Patent Infringement

If you are a patent infringement defendant, it is an unfortunate fact that, under current U.S. patent law, the bad news of a jury verdict against you.. Read More

The 4th Circuit Authorizes a Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Attorneys' Fee Award in Certain Trademark Appeals

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals' recent ruling on attorneys fees in Shammas v. Focarino, No. 14-1191 (April 23, 2015), will, unless overturned by.. Read More

How the Yankees Got "The House that Juice Built" Tossed Out of the Game

In 2008 and 2009, drug use among professional athletes was a big story. The "Mitchell Report," released in late 2007, exposed widespread steroid use.. Read More


One district court in New York doesn't think so, and, in light of a recent settlement agreement, the Second Circuit will not be afforded the.. Read More