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Jeff Cox Leading Community Legal and Health Campaigns

Jeff Cox has been selected to serve as Co-Chair of the 2016 Access to Justice Campaign to benefit and support the work of organizations serving the.. Read More

Flying the (Un)Friendly Skies: the Challenge of First Amendment Freedoms in the UAV Age

The recently-passed holiday season offered the usual installment of cinematic blockbusters, none more celebrated than the latest installment in the.. Read More

Kroc Center Hosts Dayton's Spring Edition of the Bench/Bar Media Law Forum

Yesterday, FIC partner Jeff Cox and U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael J. Newman moderated the spring edition of Dayton's Bench/Bar Media Law Forum. For.. Read More

What Price, On-Line Privacy?

Last week, indeed Friday the 13th, President Obama convened a "Cyber Summit" of business, technology and government leaders to address mounting.. Read More

BYOD: Security Issues to Consider When Inviting Employees to "Bring Your Own Device"

Employees often demand to use their own electronic devices to interact with the companies' systems. Given the 24-hour demands of our ever-connected.. Read More